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  Geography of Jammu:

Jammu is situated on a hillock, on the bank of river Tawi by Udhampur district in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir shares its borders with Pakistan, China and Afghanistan. The Himalayas rise out of Jammu and Kashmir in the north and north east while the Karakoram Range rise from the west of J&K.

Climate and Weather:

Being near the Himalayas, the climate of the entire area is cold though summers are markedly warm. The temperatures range from 26.2C to 0.9 C in winters and from 43.0C to 23.4C during summers. The recommended clothing for winters would be heavy/medium woolens while light cottons would be the best for summers in Jammu. The best time to visit Jammu is from October to April.

Languages Spoken: Dogri, Hindi, English, Urdu, Kashmiri, Punjabi

Entertainment: Trekking, Boating, Adventure Sports.
Yes = ha Excuse me = shamma kare
No = nahi Hello = namaste
Thank you very much = aapakaa bahut bahut dhanyavaad Goodbye = alavidha (namaste)
You're welcome = aapakaa svaagat hai So long = phir milengay
Please = Kripyaa Good morning = shubha prabhaat
Do you speak ... = kyaa aap ... bolate hain? Good afternoon = namaste
English = angrejii Good evening = namaste
French = phransisi Good night = shubha raatri
German = german I do not understand = mai nahii samajhataa hu
Spanish = spanish Chinese = cheeni
I = mai You (singular, familiar) = tum
We = hum You (singular, formal) = aap
You (plural) = aap sab What is your name? = aapka naam kya hai?
They = vo sab Nice to meet you. = aapse milkar khushii huyii
How are you? = aap kaise hai Good = achchhey
So so = kuchh khaas nahii Bad = buray
Wife = patni Husband = pati
Daughter = beti Son = beta
Mother = mataji/maa Father = pitaji
Friend = dost, mitra How do you say this in [English]? = aap ise angrezi mei kaise bolengay?
Where is the bathroom? Where is the toilet? = aapkaa snanghar (sauchalya) kahan hai?
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